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Rubber Review Blog

Xiom Omega 7 Tour I (Limited Edition 50 Degrees)
I have tested, used and played with this limited edition custom plan rubber for more than a year and a half on two
separate blades. And suffice to say that the rubber outdid my expectations in terms of durability, performance,
precision, power, spin etc. from any distance.
Detailed rubber review –

1. Offensive game play
• Top Spin and Loop
Quite easy to hit loops on chops and on top spins even, without sacrificing control. Better than Butterfly
Tenergy 05, DHS Hurricane 3 neo.
• Chiquita/ Backhand Flick
It doesn't matter if the serve is long or short, heavy spin or a drifter, one can hit precise backhand flicks
with ease and comfort.
• Smash and Flat Hits
Great speed can be attained while hitting smashes and flat hits.

2. Serve and serve return
Serves generally are spiny and very hard to return. While returning the serve, one can return with multiple strokes and
with great comfort. Chops, loops, counter; it is really easy to make any stroke.

3. Defensive Play
• Blocks
Block strokes are fairly impressive and precise.
• Lobs
Lobbing from any distance become a child's play. Generates a lot of spin and control.
• Chop Blocks
It is very easy to hit Chop blocks on loops, top spins, and smash. The great thing is that you get awesome
control in every stroke.

4. All-round play
It becomes quite a cakewalk to be able to hit a wide range of attacking and defensive strokes throughout the game play.
My personal ratings in a nutshell:
Spin - 4.5/5
Speed - 4.3/5
Control - 4.7/5
Overall - 4.5/5

For testing, demonstrations, or purchase, contact:
Abhishek Shrivastava
Table Tennis AcademyPhone : +91 8807887604/+91 9112434610

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