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About Table Tennis Academy

Table Tennis Academy currently collaborates Reboot Sports Arena, Hinjewadi to provide extensive and dedicated TT Coaching. Table Tennis Academy provides the right coaching and training to young learners or adult aspirers.

TT Academy @ Reboot Sports Arena

It all began in the month of October 2019, in collaboration with Reboot Sports Management LLP, TT Academy organizes coaching sessions for working professionals and school students with a passion and hunger of learning Table Tennis..

Upcoming Venues for Collaboration

Table Tennis Academy is presently collaborating with two other sports arenas and academies to bring excellent coaching near you.

Stay tuned for more updates.                    

Table Tennis Academy - Training Methodology

               “Learning a Sport is ‘Challenging’ but it is ‘Rewarding’”

Table Tennis Academy follows conventional methodology for training. Methodology is consistent with most of training institutes and academies.

Each training session is comprises of complete warm up and stretching exercises, followed by shadow, wall, half-table and full-table practices.

A fitness session is also organized on regular basis to help in developing core strength of individuals and increasing stamina besides in developing one’s foot work, reflexes, body movements, hand-eye and eye-body co-ordination, etc.

Training regime is designed such a way that it suits learners of all pace and routine.         

Coaches at Table Tennis Academy

Currently TT Academy consists of prominent coaches on permanent basis, and a host of eminent guest coaches. Coaches are passionate, dedicated and experienced to provide top class coaching and consultation to all.

The coaching timings are designed in such a way so as to attract passionate, serious and dedicate lovers of the game.

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